Why Travel Matters: A Guide to the Life-Changing Effects of Travel

When you travel, you have a choice: you can be a tourist and have a good time, or you can be a traveler and change your life. This book is for people who want to change their life. It will appeal to all three types of travelers:
  • seasoned voyagers will read it to learn how they were changed by their travels.
  • novice and would-be travelers will use it as a guide to the life-altering experiences that await them.
  • those who have traveled only as tourists will read it to see how they can be a traveler and change their life the next time they leave home.
And for people in the field of intercultural communications, there are insights into the meaning of "difference" on every page.

Replete with quotations from the travel greats—from St. Augustine to Mark Twain, Somerset Maugham to D. H. Lawrence, Bruce Chatwin to Aldous Huxley—Why Travel Matters explains travel as it has never been explained before.

"Why Travel Matters is an engaging, intelligent and entertaining exploration of why we do it, how we do it, and what it does to us. I've not read anything like it before. Like the act of travelling itself, it shifted my perspective on the world and helped me see familiar terrain in unfamiliar ways."
-Nick Hunt, author
Where the Wild Winds Are

"Craig Storti has written a highly intelligent and deeply engaging book that examines not only the beauty but also the importance of travel."
-Thomas Swick, author
The Joys of Travel

"In this invaluable book Craig Storti compellingly answers the question: "Why does travel matter?" The further I got into this book, the more I wished I had read it 50 years ago. Craig captures concepts that took me a long time to learn on my own—both about how the world works and about myself. His point: travel is both an inner and an outer journey."
-Sandra M. Fowler
President-Elect SIETAR USA
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